Here are some questions to ask if you are involved in a slip and fall accident. 

  • If you slipped on a spill in a mall, was it there long enough that the property owner should have been aware of it?
  • Is there a standard cleaning/maintenance schedule for the premises? If so, can the property owner show proof that the policy exists?
  • If, for example, you tripped over a stack of boxes beside a shelf in a grocery store, was there a good reason for the boxes to have been there? Could they have been safely and conveniently placed elsewhere or should a proper barrier or warning sign have been set up?
  • Was the slip and fall accident caused, at least in part, by poor or dim lighting?
  • Did you have a valid excuse for being at the site of the slip and fall accident?
  • Were you paying full attention at the time of the slip and fall accident?
  • Was the area properly labeled?
  • Would a reasonable person have been able to avoid the slip and fall accident?

Always take pictures of what caused you to fall!